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About Us

At Carlitos we believe that food brings people together and we strive to create a culture of fulfillment for everyone who walks through our doors, from employees to customers.  It’s about sharing, connecting with each other and building relationships while celebrating Mexican and barbecue culture.  

We aim to be respectful to the barbecue craft by carefully striving to make the most delicious pit smoked barbecue tacos.  We take history, quality, and technique to the highest consideration when sourcing our products, tending to our pit, and choosing devoted team members to make your tacos.

We're Essential T-shirt // by Jari "Werc" Alvarez // A playful combination of ingredients that are the spirit of Carlito’s Tacos combine to depict a pair of lungs. These ingredients are as essential to the magic within our kitchen as the thousands of essential workers on the front lines and behind the scenes. This design humbly pays
tribute to the essential work force sustaining life around the world.

Lyndhurst Location in-store special 3 Tacos for $10 (excludes brisket due to current market price)

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